Legislation and strict needs

Our Agency has:

  • a drone homologated by the D.G.A.C. (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
  • a qualified Pilot, internal to the agency.
  • a R.C.P PRO (Professional Liability) at reputable insurers such as MMA or AXAn special drone shooting of your property.

Drone photography, both in the urban environment (type S3 scenario) and in the open countryside and at sea (S1 type scenario) or in immersion in an unmanned zone (S2 scenario), requires authorizations before each decision is taken. view as well as an optimal weather and adapted material.

It is therefore not within the reach of all to meet all the necessary conditions. Prestigimmo.fr brings you its know-how and its efficiency.

Sell better and faster your property, by gaining height.

The drone is an innovative, economical, ecological and quickly operational solution for aerial images, full HD quality, or 4K video.

Our specialized service is able to bring a visual added value to the sale of your property. The photographs thus made make your property attractive and often generate more requests for information.

For any information contact us.

The photos remain the property of the agency and are governed by the rules relating to the right to the image, until the final sale